How to Choose the Black and White Dresses

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Obviously, there aren’t just black and white wedding dresses available, that is exactly as black as white or feature both colors alternatively. However, you will also find unique and original variations of this classic dress style. While simple in design, the edgier style of dress can often be adapted to various looks. A black bodice with a white pique lining is quite a versatile choice and can really make a statement, if paired with a conservative suit. Likewise, a pure white skirt is stunning for a more casual affair.

Black and white dresses are both popular due to their simple elegance, yet exuding beauty. The difference lies in the details that are added to the overall look. Black and white are both formal styles and therefore require particular attention to detail. A black dress with a fitted bodice and a full, form-fitting skirt is likely to garner more attention than a simple dress of white, as it is a more dramatic style. It’s also worth bearing in mind that white typically has a more feminine style to it, so adding accessories such as a colourful sash or a bow at the waist could give it an unexpected lift.

Black and white dresses are slightly different when it comes to the cut of the dress. A more elaborate cut of the skirt means that it has more detail added to the bodice – including a wider neckline and a sash – which give the overall look a much more elegant and sexy edge than plain. The same is true of a sash around the waist. Again, this can be a more elaborate design that incorporates a more ornate casing than the more streamlined styles of black dresses tend to have.


The a-line dress style is also one that many brides favour. The a-line is a more forgiving cut of dress that features gentle curves. It features fully rounded seams on the bodice and at the waistline and is therefore less likely to show off unwanted lumps and bumps. A-line dresses are often favoured for those with smaller breasts, as they help to elongate them and create a more shapely silhouette.

Black dresses can be sleeveless. These options have a further advantage in that they help to show off the arms and offer a slimming effect. However, sleeveless dresses can also help to accentuate a wide tummy. This effect can be achieved with sleeveless dresses by leaving the front of the dress open, allowing the back to flow out and appear more graceful and relaxed.

Although black and white wedding gowns are all wonderful looking, they do come with their drawbacks. Firstly, due to the color, they tend not to match well with brides with light skin. Because of this, lighter skinned brides may want to opt for bridesmaid dresses that are darker in color. In addition, these types of dresses are generally more expensive than the average bridesmaids gown.